Mallorca DWS Trip with Jernej Kruder


Experience the Mallorca Trip of your dreams.

A week of sailing, climbing, partying and all this in the company of legendary Jernej Kruder. Sounds good? Keep reading!

Come join us on a week full of adventure with the professionals, get syked and climb your heart out.


When: 17 – 24 september 2022
Where: South Mallorca
Who: Climbers of all levels

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When someone says Deep Water Solo, everybody’s first thought is for sure the island of Mallorca. Gray and orange cliffs sticking out of cristal clear Mediterranean waters became the number one destination for climbers, who like the purest way of climbing. Various heights and grades, compact and rarely sharp rock are just one of a few reasons why Mallorca has such a reputation. In the summertime, the island starts with nightlife, waters become calm and warm, which makes the trip less stressful. Most of the climbing areas are located in calm bays reachable with sailboats, and also close to sandy beaches. Sea is clean enough to see the bottom and deep enough to take safe falls. While you’ll be struggling on the wall, taking bad falls on your beck, your friends will be cheering for you from the sailboat, drinking beer, and eating fresh fish…

What is included:

  • pick up from the airport
  • 1 week of accomodation on a sailboat
  • 3 meals a day + beverages
  • professional individual coaching
  • a goodie bag
  • a trip to see the famous Es pontas arch

What is not included:

  • a flight to Palma de Mallorca
  • ride back to the airport

Requirements for the applicants:

  • Must be an experienced swimmer (can stay above surface effortlessly for at least 10 minutes)
  • Must climb confidently at 6b level

What will you need:

  • Climbing shoes
  • Chalk (bring lots of it)
  • Syke
  • (we’ll provide a more detailed list upon the application)


How many people will be on the boat?

Beside Jernej Kruder there will be two professional climbing coaches and boat staff. There are 7 spots for participants.


I have never tried Deep water soloing before – am I competent to attend?

This trip is suitable for anyone who climbs confidently at 6b (French grading) level. There will be our professional climbing coaches available for advisory at all times so worry not – you will be given all necessary information on deep water soloing.

Is airport pickup/dropoff organized?

Airport pick up will be organized on the 17th in the afternoon. Drop off is not organized.


I am epileptic, can I attend?

No. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee required safety measures for people with epilepsy.


I have heart problems, can I attend?

No. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee required safety measures for people with any kind of heart problems.

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